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Sanford Laboratories - Sioux Falls

2301 East 60th Street North

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Phone: 605-328-5493 or 877-392-1234


Sanford Laboratories – Rapid City

36 East Stumer Road

Suite 114

Rapid City, SD 57701

Phone: 877-392-1234


Sanford Laboratories - Sioux Falls

Sanford Laboratories - Sioux Falls (SL) began operations in 1994 with a mission to provide quality reference laboratory services to the medical community in the upper Midwest. SL provides the personalized service of a regional laboratory and the comprehensive, value-added services of a large national reference laboratory. Sanford Laboratories is licensed as an independent reference laboratory and is wholly owned by Sanford Health.


Originally named Clinical Laboratories of the Midwest (CLM), our Sioux Falls reference laboratory quickly gained national recognition for being one of the largest and most technically advanced regional reference laboratories in the United States. This was accomplished by laboratory professionals with hundreds of years of cumulative experience in the reference laboratory industry. SL-Sioux Falls serves clients and patients in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Montana. SL-Sioux Falls has an extensive in-house esoteric test menu that serves as a central reference testing facility for all of SL’s laboratories. SL-Sioux Falls has over 200 local staff members.


Sanford Laboratories - Rapid City

Sanford Laboratories established its Rapid City reference laboratory in 2006 which expanded SL’s service coverage to west river South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. SL’s Rapid City laboratory is a full service facility with an extensive in-house test menu. It serves as the hub of our West River operations that include a state-of-art laboratory, couriers, consulting technologist and client support departments. In all, SL Rapid City’s 13 local staff members are long-time professionals from the Rapid City area who are well-known and respected in the laboratory community.


Sanford Enterprise Laboratories

Sanford Laboratories is a member of a large integrated network of over 80 CLIA-certified laboratories. This enterprise network makes the expertise and testing capabilities of all 80 labs available to our client partners in 5 states. Sanford Laboratories is licensed as an independent reference laboratory within Sanford Health


The technical, management and support staff at Sanford Enterprise Laboratories is comprised of professionals with many years of hospital and reference laboratory experience. Included are phlebotomists, couriers, laboratory assistants, medical laboratory scientists, PhD scientists, medical laboratory technicians, client service representatives, consulting medical laboratory scientists, billing representatives, clerks, and information systems staff.  Sanford Enterprise Laboratories employs over 700 staff members.


Our mission is to support the local delivery of health care by providing comprehensive laboratory services, support services, clinical expertise, and medical consultation. This is accomplished through experienced professionals, state-of-the-art technology, value-added laboratory services and relationships built on trust.